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From the very beginning the Сompany’s strategy was oriented onto North American system of hog breeding. Particularly this system provided for many technology solutions, in particular: the integrated space-effective boxes in farrowing houses (for 24 pens/each). This made the herd management much simpler and operators’ job easier.



Kherson region climate is known for its temperature extremes during the year: from -20 in winter up tо +50 in summer. To protect pigs from heat stress, ZOOTECHNOLOGY company employs in the production different approaches in the ventilation system setup. The air to the sow house is supplied through cool pads (“weeping panels”) to cool it down, then the spent air is extracted by fans to avoid draughts.

The same ventilation principle operates at nursery site , except for air cooling.

In the fattening area the tunnel ventilation is installed: there are special curtains mounted at one end of the building, and extractor-type fans are at the other. Lattice partitions between the pens enable uniform cooling of all pigs. When the temperature is extremely high the animals are sprinkled with cool water in addition.

In winter, in the fattening area the ventilation operates bу somewhat different principle: air gets into the building through the roof, аnd the spent air and ammonia are extracted by means of underground ventilation.

Система вентиляції


ZOOTECHNOLOGY exploits dry feed automatic system, except for suckling piglets and stage 1 nursery pigs, which are really sensitive to fodder taste, they are fed prestarter ration by hand (because at automatic feeding granules are crashed and appetizing savor is lost).

In the fattening area the Canadian made feeders are employed, constructed by wet-dry feeding method. Its material advantage is the fodder is wetted, when it is in the feeder.

For the purpose of providing for planned pig growth, the high-quality fodder, prestarter rations, AVMA (albuminous vitamin-mineral additives) and other additives are used, which are procured from the reliable suppliers.


According to technology, young pigs are weaned from sows on day 25-26 of age, with weight of over 8 kg, then shoats are moved for fattening, when they are 72 to 74 days old, with average weight of 30 kg. Pigs’ slaughtering conditions are gained on day 160 to 167 of age, given feed-gain relationship 2.9.


At present, ZOOTECHNOLOGY company applies Ukrainian program “PlemOffice”, refusing, in its favor, from outdated version of AgroSoft, that was not sufficiently flexible and adaptable.


ZOOTECHNOLOGY has complete closed cycle of hog growing, from sow house up to fattening.