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Kherson, Kherson Region, Ukraine
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ZOOTECHNOLOGY is a Ukrainian company without foreign investments. Since 2004 the Company has specialized in high-production animal breeding. Today the breeding stock makes up to 3,700 sows, and the total herd is 38,000 headcount. High technological performance of the production is provided for by using three-breed meat-type hybrids Landrace-Yorkshire-Duroc.

Complete cycle of pig reproduction allows to control technological process at every stage and to result in sow high productivity (12-13 pigs per a sow) and pig quality (approximately 74% meat yield).

ZOOTECHNOLOGY Company pays particular consideration in this program to the innovative practices of animal husbandry and feeding, to issues of the fodder product safety, аnd to energy saving for the business and use of renewable energy sources. For this purpose, solid fuel boilers were installed and hog houses were heat-insulated with warmth-keeping materials. Such measures provided for 2.5 times savings in the heating expenses in one cold season.