Тiraspolskaya Str. 31, оffice 409
Kherson, Kherson Region, Ukraine
+38 0552 41 72 16
+38 0552 41 76 07


Our mission is Ukrainian pork market strengthening and high standard maintaining for meat products by means of manufacturing the quality product at reasonable price;

Development and improvement are impelling forces for ZOOTECHNOLOGY company growth.

Strategic goals:

  • Market share increase by means of vertical cooperation system formation
  • Growth of basic breeding stock up to 10,000 headcount
  • Construction of new area in Blagodatnoe village in Skadovsk district of Kherson region
  • Reconstruction and revamping of existing projects in villages Vinogradovo and Novoraiske
  • Meat preparation business development
  • Company’s own fodder base acquisition
  • Expansion of product sales geography