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Kherson, Kherson Region, Ukraine
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Advantages and Achievements


ZOOTECHNOLOGY is one of the largest pork producers in Ukraine. The Company’s success has resulted from the material advantages, that were developed in the years of its activity.

  1. Up-to-date technologies. The Company applies the most modern technologies in its business activities for high performance pig growing.
  2. Complete production cycle. The Company has in its ownership the production facilities for carrying out the complete closed cycle for pig growing, from sow farm to hog fattening, that allows to control every stage of technology process.
  3. Innovative technologies of pig growing. ZOOTECHNOLOGY introduces innovative technologies of pig breeding; in particular, it employs the high-productivity genetics and exploits the current animal husbandry systems, such as cool-pads, wet-dry feeding and balanced feed.
  4. Experience. ZOOTECHNOLOGY was established in 2004. The Company has accumulated substantial years-long experience to apply now for further development and asserting its positions. For example, the innovative technologies are introduced into the production, in particular: the integrated «space-effective» boxes in farrowing houses (for 24 pens), the special ventilation systems for different stages of pig breeding, application of developed in Ukraine software «PlemOffice», that is really advantageous among analog products, etc.
  5. Advanced equipment. The business is equipped with state-of the art technical facilities. For the purpose of achieving maximum performance, the Company cooperates both with home suppliers of the equipment and with the international brands.
  6. Product quality. ZOOTECHNOLOGY company offers exclusive quality products, that are provided for by using three-breed meat-type hybrids Landrace-Yorkshire-Duroc.
  7. Professional team. The solid team of qualified employees works for ZOOTECHNOLOGY sincerely committed to the business. Every team member performs their duties to the utmost to contribute to the entire business development. Personnel undergoes qualification enhancement training from time to time, takes part in trade specialist conferences in Ukraine and abroad. Moreover, ZOOTECHNOLOGY cooperates with experienced foreign experts on permanent basis.
  8. North American system. ZOOTECHNOLOGY company is oriented onto North American system of hog breeding, and adopts its actual technological solutions.


ZOOTECHNOLOGY company is advanced up-to date animal production business of southern Ukraine, with second-to-none positions in this industry of agro-industrial complex of the region.

Nowadays ZOOTECHNOLOGY company steadily implements the program of construction and production revamping, of vertical integration intensification: formation of its own fodder base and meat processing capacities. Thus, within the frames of this program, the up-to-date animal slaughter line with output of 1,200 heads per month was put into operation.

ZOOTECHNOLOGY is among the first companies in Ukraine to have run testing of the innovative vaccine Improvac, which allows to feed uncastrated boars with higher growth index. Implementation of this and many other innovative technologies and developments have become feasible owing to tight strategic partner relations of ZOOTECHNOLOGY with European companies (Wesstron, Breeders, Dahmira) and local Ukrainian producers (TEXHA Production Association, Farmer Atlantik), аs well as with the top western companies, which have the potential scientific and research base (Ceva Sante Animal, Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, Intervet, Invesa, KRKA and others).