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Kherson, Kherson Region, Ukraine
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About zootechnology About Zootechnology
About zootechnology

ZOOTECHNOLOGY is a potential Ukrainian estation in the field of agro-industrial complex, that has specialized in the high-producing animal agriculture for over 10 years.

ZOOTECHNOLOGY Company has accumulated successful experience, that enabled the company to become second-to-none in the south region and to take its rightful place among the largest Ukrainian producers of pork. These days, ZOOTECHNOLOGY’s breeding stock makes up to 3,700 sows, and the overall herd is 38,000 headcount. The company keeps working on the production capacity increase, making its position stronger in the South and delivering the products to the markets of other regions of Ukraine.

ZOOTECHNOLOGY is a large company with complete cycle of pigs reproduction, starting with sow farm to production. It sells its products by live weight and pork sides. Since 2005, the farm has been implementing advanced technologies, which are employed by the leading countries in animal husbandry, and continues to improve its own production.